Maelstrom King Ar-Gimilzor

International Champion & Silver Double Grand Champion

Sire – GIC. DK Sakeena’s Spectacular
Dam – Athena Felis Audax DK

NFO: ds 23 / 67 36d
Date of Birth: 22/04/2004
Colour/Markings: Red Silver Mackerel Tabby

Click on picture to view more images of King

Click on picture to view more images of King

Anyone who knows me would smile as they think of my fondness for red or cream cats. For nearly 8 years I have longed to have one in my house, but the type you like never seems to be in the colour you want and before you know it your house is filled with happy cats but that original desire remains elusive! What can I say, with the opening up of the continents with the introduction of Passport for Pets along came that opportunity at last – a mating across the seas of two beautiful felines and the result – for me, at last my dream, in the shape of my latest addition King, my family is now complete with his arrival.
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