Tzarina de la Cachouteba

Sire – EC. S*Black Islands Zappa
Dam – EC. (N) Steigar Luna

NFO: ns 09 23 / 67 31ts
Date of Birth: 27/4/2002
Colour/Markings:Black Silver Mackerel Tabby & White

Click photo for more images of Tzarina

Click photo for more images of Tzarina

Those that know me will know that Silver tabbies are very close to my heart and this one is no different. I have waited a few years before filling the silver shoes in the house and finally she is here and she is certainly a delight to have.

Tzarina is the most demonstrative cat I have ever had. She is loving and affectionate with people and likes to be the boss at home. (Although the other females would not agree!) She has good body & tail length, has a strong head and a magnificent chin. I am eager to see her & Bracken’s kittens when that special day comes in the distant future.

I would like to thank Genevieve of De La Cachouteba for allowing me to have this beautiful girl.

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