Champion Maelstrom Babushka

Sire – Ch (N) Zorba’s Bastian
Dam – Selene Felis Audax DK

NFO: f 09 / 67 22
Date of Birth: 4/7/1998
Colour/Markings:Black, Tortie & White

Best in Show Semi-Longhaired Kitten at the Capital Long Hair Cat Association Show 9th January 1999

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Having lived with two male Norwegian Forest cats for over a year I longed for a female to add to the family. I approached Kate & Doug Campbell of Maelstrom cats , whom had long since become friends, about this possibility. I immediately liked Selene Felis Audax DK and waited patiently for the day for her to become a mum. That day finally arrived on 4 July 1998 when I met her newly born kittens. At only 4 hours old Maelstrom Babushka stole my heart ……and the rest is history! Bushey is now spayed and leading the life of a happy neuter.

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