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My name is Tracey Camp and I am currently living in NSW Australia. My interest in Norwegian Forest Cats began in 1996 when I first ventured on to the GCCF show bench helping some friends. It was good training for me getting to learn about these beautiful cats before being in the privileged position of being owned by one in 1997.

This is an extremely self-assured cat which has a well-balanced temperament. They are friendly and very easygoing animal, they are a calm but playful feline. In some respects they remind me of a dog, they come at a call and follow you around the house. They readily accept other cats, dogs, and children, and they have a tendency to talk to you in many ways, they chirrup or just chatter to you as though they are telling you about their day. This is a hardy, robust, athletic cat but also remarkably agile. They like to climb and can be a fearsome hunter. If a Forest Cat is to live indoors, a cat tree entertains them - giving height and rope to amuse. Norwegian Forest Cats mature slowly, some lines do not reach full maturity until four or five years of age. Regular brushing and combing will maintain the beautiful coat and avoid snarls.

I began by showing a couple of neuter boys and then finally the opportunity came along for me to own my first female in 1998. I knew exactly what I wanted and she finally came along in the shape of Babushka, the rest is history. I have travelled to Sweden and France and lots of countries in between to see these beautiful cats and have been fortunate to have been granted the joy of owning some great examples of the breed.

In recent years I have been showing under FIFE in the UK and some shows in Europe, now having relocated to Australia I will be showing under CFA.

Visit my show results to see how my cats and kittens are doing.

Tracey Camp

Email: tracey.camp@bigpond.com

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News Update - New Litter Arrivals (9th November 2010):

Bushkenheim Marikoriko & Bracken Forest Star are the proud parents of 4 kittens born 9 November 2010 – a blue & white boy & girl, & a blue tabby, & white boy & girl

Please contact Tracey for further information.

Details and photos will be posted soon..

In the meantime please contact Tracey for further information.

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